Everyone wants to move to Tampa! Of course, that’s no surprise – Tampa has something for everyone – family friendly parks, top rated attractions and theme parks, super hot nightlife, and a restaurant scene that is catching the eye of foodies around the country. 

But don’t just take my word for it. Forbes ran the numbers, and Tampa Bay is 23rd fastest growing metropolitan area in the country. Take a look at how Tampa stacks up next to the National Numbers. 

Tampa 2017National 2017

Tampa  2018





Population Growth1.4%0.72%1.64%0.71%
Job Growth2.69%1.58%2.18%1.52%
Wage Growth2.19%3.15%7.17%5.43%
Home Price Growth9.93%6.14%3.34%3.39%

Of course, growth means change, and there is a lot of that is happening everywhere.  There is no doubt that the landscape of Tampa Bay is evolving, and I for one am LOVING the transformation.